New Vintage Addition K2 Juju 151 from 1995

K2 Juju Vintage Snowboard

New Vintage Addition K2 Juju 151 from 1995

I got hooked up with this board from one of my now best friends Luke from K2 when I was a retailer for East Coast Sunsets in Va.  It was the last of the sidewall JuJu’s.  This board was based off the AC151 that Kevin Young was riding the year before.  Had all the inserts you needed to rock the baseless bindings which at the time were a big deal.  The sperm design was really cool and this board came in a ton of nice bright colors.  Design for most of K2 Snowboards was done by Modern Dog at the time and this look was relevant in the QI boards which some people remember.  El Limbo and the Squid. Look it up


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