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What is all this for? For the love of snowboarding. To preserve the boards from the beginning of the sport. To offer a way for people to find the board they are looking for by brand, model and year. If you found this site you either know us, in some weird way are addicted to the collecting of vintage snowboards. Or maybe you own a vintage snowboard and are interested in knowing the value or market for your relic. Maybe you just love snowboarding and the history of the sport and want to see all the cool old board your grandpa used to ride. Either way if you are actually reading this it means that people do read on the internet but probably only long enough to get bored and eventually click off this stupid page and look at more vintage snowboard porn. If you would like to list your snowboard in the catalog send us and email via our contact page.

Yours Truly
Aaron “Big” Gapps