We are dedicated to documenting every single snowboard model ever made from every brand, from every year possible.  If you don’t see your board help us complete the catalog.  We need good photos, not your blurry iphone pics.  Proper photos that we can use for our catalog.  Contact us on getting your board listed.

Save the Snowboard

How You Can Help

Saving snowboards and getting them into the hands of the proper owners is essential to our work.  Our goal is to ensure that no board be left alone. You can help by looking out for that board that is not thrift store junk but vst gold.  We find boards for people that are looking for boards and a way for those looking for information on a board to find a buyer.  The boards are out there in garages and thrift store across the world and we want to have a picture on this website for the model and year of every board we can.

The history of snowboarding all in one place.