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Lib Tech Buddha

Not sure the exact model name.  Please comment if you know.

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Lib Tech is still going strong and some would say stronger then ever.  The brand embodies the soul of snowboarding.  From the top guy down to the guy making the boards.  The bring the stoke.  The new school scene was big and Lib Tech’s Jamie Lynn was the man.  This was one of the first graphics Jamie did for a snowboard.  This would lead Jamie into a direction as an artist that would change his life forever.


This board featured 1/4-20 hardware and a length measured in feet and inches instead of centimeters.  Every Lib Tech board was cut randomly to length so no two boards were the same.  This board featured cap construction and an interesting ribbed top sheet showing that Lib was always innovating and not afraid to try new things. Using new materials and making their own processes is what Mike Olsen the mastermind of Mervin dreams about when he sleeps.  The extra large insert pack allowed for the mounting of the baseless bindings that were so popular at the time.  This is where we first saw Bent Metal bindings.


The Buddha Lib board is becoming quite collectible as are all Lib boards.  The problem is they didn’t make as many as some of the other brands of the time and many of the people that bought Lib boards were more core riders that abused their product more then others resulting in many broken boards.  The boards were so light and pushing the envelope on weight but were known to not be so durable.


Also not as many dealers carried Lib back in the day.  So there are many boards in the PNW but dealers in the rest of the USA did not carry many Lib boards.  But that never stopped Lib who has probably one of the best teams and is by far the coolest brand and has been around as long as any other brand.  Mervin has weathered the storm and is one of the last remaining OG brands in the industry.


Visit the Lib Tech Snowboards Website www.libtech.com