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Matt Cummins Pool Skater

The Pool Skater is so cool. Flower top sheet and cap construction

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In 1995 by far the coolest graphics went to Matt Cummins for the Rad Rick and the Pool Skater.  I worked in a shop in Virginia and Lib Tech was that brand we got like 1 or 2 boards from.  The boards were awesome because they were so light and the graphics were cool and we only had a couple of them.  The blunt cut down shape of this went perfectly with the base graphic.  1/4-20 hardware of course and no real true length because every board was hand shaped and could be longer or shorter depending on the guy finishing the board.  If they did give it a length it was in feet and inches instead of centimeters.


This board would come in many different unique color variations and even some in just black and white.  The flower top sheet and how that came about is a story in itself.  Matt Cummins had 2 pro models in 1995.  Not many other brands had to pro models period let alone 2 with one rider.


We love libtech.com