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Jamie Lynn Whale

Jamie is the essence of what snowboarding is all about.

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This was Jamie’s first year pro model and as of 2015 he still have a pro model.  How awesome is that. There were 4 different graphics for this model, with some special graphics that were just sent to Japan.  Jamie’s skate influence along with his hard charging PNW attitude created a style many tried to duplicate.  Lib Tech had 1/4-20 hardware still but was always pushing the limits in design and technology as shown with the raised rails and binding areas.


Mervin is the oldest snowboard company next to Burton that is still relevant in the industry.  All the other original snowboard brands such as Winterstick, Avalanche, Sims, might still be around as a big box brand but Mervin is the only company that not only is still around but continuing to push the sport and the product.