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This metal skegs were removed along with the rope.

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Saw this board for the first time in Sunshine House, a small surf/skate shop like Zumiez in Fair Oaks Mall in Fairfax, VA in the 80’s.  They had this and the Performer Elite.  Our buddies worked at the shop and bought 1 of the 3 boards the shop was shipped.  When it snowed there was a golf course next to the mall and we would build a jump at the bottom of the on ramp for the mall.  Super steep bank leading down to the golf course.  We would bomb it down, hit the jump and eat shit.  This was my first experience snowboarding at age 15.


The Performer was not the best board.  It has metal skegs which were always removed.  Same with the rope most people ditched that.  This year the board had some new weird binding, no high back but i step forward from the waterski style black rubber strap you slipped your foot into.  If any of those binding lasted it would be a miracle.  The plastic would explode by just looking at it.


Snowboarding was about to go mainstream in just a few years.  Technology and big corp dollars would change the industry forever.


You know where to find Burton at www.burton.com