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Cruzer 165

The first board I ever rode at a resort.

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This was the first board I ever rode at a resort.  The year was 1987 and me and my 2 buddies drove all night to Timberline resort in West Virginia, slept in our car and I rented this board and rode the longest flatest run on the east coast.  It was hell.  The board concave base made it impossible to hold an edge on the flat and this run was as flat as it got.  I finally figured out that I needed a run with a bit more pitch and then my day started to get better.  The resort was one of the few in our area that even allowed snowboards and you didn’t need any special permit/pass/certification.  They had a full rental fleet of Cruzer’s and it was one of the best places to ride in Canaan Valley.  This board was stiff, didn’t turn, binding straps sucked, but it was awesome!  There are 2 different versions of this board from 1987 and 1988 they made the same one but some had the rubber pads and t-nutted inserts and others did not.


This board is vplate compatible


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