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Aggression TR60

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Based out of Boulder, Colorado Aggression Snowboards was one of the leaders in the Summit Country jib scene. Their pro model for Tarquin Robbins was an Asym with a deeper heelside cut. No inserts, instead like with Morrow you had a alum plate under the top sheet that you had to drill into and epoxy your bindings to your board. But you could get a wider stance which is what everyone wanted at the time. Riders started cutting down their nose and tails for lower swing weight and jib logger and shit. Add the skate culture of baggy pants and chain wallets and Summit county was the jib capital of the snowboard world and Tarquin was the poster child. Even getting caught with a gun on the slopes. Back to Aggression, they were a small company that was really core and then over the years I think they might have been bought and sold and become a big box brand. But this is the board that started it all. Twist clothing did the design and really brought art into graphics which we were starting to see more and more with the cross over of skate culture. This board was acquired from an older guy that bought it new back in 1992, rode it once and its been in his garage ever since. These boards were usually rode hard by more hardcore riders so to find one if almost brand new condition is rare. Tarquin next pro model with the completely cut down nose and tail and shotgun base graphic is also really cool but I prefer the first year pro model. Tarquin lives in England now and another small company out of Europe did a tribute graphic to this board, MoonChild Snowboard i think out of Sweden or Norway.


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