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Pressed in a water ski factory this was K2’s entry into the snowboard market.

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Probably one of the best ad campaigns at the time in snowboarding and done by a ski brand.  This board was stiff, had no sidecut, didn’t really turn but you could point it straight and go.  It was a cap construction made in a water ski factory.  Mike Olsen from Mervin was going to help build these boards but the relationship went sour and I can’t remember the full story.  Next time I’m in the presence of Mike or Pete I will have to get them to retell the story.


The ad said “Buddy hasn’t been back to the farm since he got his Gyrator” or “Bud’s uncle wishes he could Gyrate” and were designed by Seattle Ad agency Wong Duty I believe.
Little did I know it at the time in 1988 I was graduating high school that in 7 years I would be working for K2 Snowboards.  They had come a long was since the Gyrator and were and still are the most successful ski brand to ever enter the snowboarding market.