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Freestyle Woody

This was a vertically laminated ply construction with 1/4-20 hardware with steel edges.

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The Barfoot Woody was simple with no graphic and just the Barfoot logo and that vertically laminated ply board.  But it was awesome.  Available with and without edges this was the entry level board for Barfoot at the time.  The shape was very similar to Sims boards of the time which is understandable since Chuck Barfoot used to work with Tom Sims before starting his own company. Using 1/4-20 hardware and a hole pattern which was ahead of its time allowing for more stance options then most brands.


Claw be the law.  Chuck is still making long skateboards and surfing everyday.  He has been making a limited run of early models which some VSTers were luck to get.  You might see Barfoot snowboards again in the future.  Chuck is a true pioneer to the sport and his attitude and passion for the stoke is unmeasurable.


Visit the Barfoot Website at www.barfoot.com